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Extra /forum in URL???

  • Instead of
    My forum listing is linking everything like:
    Clicking one of them refreshes the page, then the link looks like:

    Please someone tell me this is a known error and a simple fix. I didn’t do anything to the site files or settings. I made a few posts, a couple users made some posts. There’s nothing out of the ordinary posted.
    Also, the Recent Topics widget in the sidebar works fine.

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  • Also, the forum listing below the recent topics( /forum page) are linked correctly. If I go into the forum like that, it works fine, and I can get to the topic no problem.
    It seems like it’s just a problem with the latest topics that’s located above the forum index on the /forums page.

    ok wow, now some of the recent topics on /forums page don’t show a group. As if they were posted in no group.
    This isn’t possible, as I know what groups they are in and can locate them by manually going to the forum.

    It was W3 Total Cache. I don’t know what settings made it just crap all over my site, but I’m done with it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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