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Extraordinary amount of spammers signing up

  • mrgiblets


    Hey guys,

    I’ve been developing wordpress powered sites for years, sometimes I build them locally and other times I build them live (depending on what I’m doing).

    I’m currently building my first BuddyPress powered site (live) and I have noticed a serious amount of spam accounts signing up every time that I leave “anybody can register” open.

    I’ve never seen this before with any other wordpress site that I’ve built online.

    I never use Akismet or any other kind of anti-spam filter in WP as I’ve never thought the spam account problem was serious enough to warrant it, but I’m 100% going to need one with this BP powered site because it’s getting out of control before anybody even knows the site is out there. (I’ve told WP not to index the site on search engines while I’m building it).

    So a couple of questions….

    1) Are you guys getting a large amount of fake spam accounts on your sites as well?

    2) If you are using a plug-in to prevent spam, which one are you using and does it work ok?

    3) Does anybody know what it is about a Buddypress install that is encouraging all of the spam bots through the door?

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  • danbp


    Wide subject and several answered on this forum.

    Askimet covers comment spam and doesn’t avoid clever spam bots to hit directly the DB.

    Basic recommandation is to use table prefix different of the classic wp_. This calms down most bots.

    A closed door is always a challenge for any spammer. WP is not fort Knox and depending your host, what YOU did and many other security details, this has no end in fact. If your site is Facebook, you’ll probably receive more spam than if it would be mykittycat homepage. Glory has a price ! 😉

    Some htaccess rules against reputated spam server and one or to plugins aside what exist natively in WP should be enough to protect you a little from massive spam.

    For example: buddypress honeypot + ban hammer for BP

    or more simple and rought

    … + searching this forum, maybe you can find more tips. 😉



    That honeypot code is great, gonna give that whirl, thanks @danbp

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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