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Extremely new user

  • adventurechampion


    I am an extremely new and adventurous user.
    I was directed here from reddit.
    My goal?
    I am trying to create a business. It’s aim is to help people who want to learn and do but are stuck because no one ever taught them how to learn.

    And now. I’m willing to learn.

    I want a subscription based model.
    I have several user categories. To give some numbers:

    Basic user – 6 profiles
    Group user – 30 profiles
    Suite user- 200 profiles
    Advanced user- 201+ profiles

    A user would log in and be able to add/delete a profile.

    I want to give each profile a unique ID so that if someone who was under an advanced user wanted their own basic account I could migrate them over.

    I would also like to have a Suite/Advanced user be in charge of an assigned Basic, group or Suite user.

    I read what I could. Don’t know if this is possible.

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  • shanebp


    Your items are all doable, but will be difficult for a newbie.
    You can create member types via wp-admin > Users > member types
    You could group member types in a Group specific to each member type.
    The group admin can control, to some extent, the members of the group.

    BP does not include subscriptions.
    You’ll need to use a plugin like Paid Membership Pro.



    Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. It’s ok if it’s hard for a newbie. I know some coding (mostly Arduino stuff) so I can probably figure it out.

    I’ll look for a subscription plug in. I have a soft launch in September with a full launch in the spring. I can’t afford to pay woo commerce’s $20 monthly out of pocket for now.

    My main product is a simple PDF but my hook and moneymaker will be the interactive subscription. I’m just starting out and I’m so grateful for any help.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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