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F5 problem with php (Server out of memory)

  • NoerciJunior


    Today I discorevered something that probaly many buddypress users already know.

    If someone access your website and hit f5 for 30-40s your php server memory will be consumed and your server will probably get down. Mine, which one is shared with 512mb got down.

    It´s not acceptable, I accessed before this post, some of biggest buddypress based websites and alone I hitted F5 for 60s, half of them got down. Its not a case of small servers with low memory.

    I suggest that buddypress 1.8 have on framework (code) a filter to understand $get/$post which was already posted from new inserts to avoid this high comsume of resources.

    I´m a pharmacist that learned html and php alone, so I´m not a speciallist. All I´ve learned is from your forum and other foruns. I have an idea to resolve this problem for my website but I really hope next update contemplate it for all.

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  • bp-help


    I don’t know where you got this bazaar idea but I tried it and I could not replicate the issue. Maybe it is your ISP because all F5 does is a hard refresh so maybe your ISP is somehow sensing it as a DOS attack because of all the concurrent requests to those sites servers. Sorry but I just could not replicate your issue!



    Hi @bp-help

    Thank you for answering, as I told Im not a speciallist, just a pharmacist that learned a bit of html/php/mysql alone. A beginner.

    I tryed again this thing in two webserver that we have, first dedicated localweb and second hostgator shared. The dedicated stopped 5 minutes and came back. Shared one stopped for 20 minutes, and stoped 2 others sites in the same server, one wordpress and another magento based.

    Yesterday and today we received from hosting messages of “high memory usage by…”

    I searched on Google and I found some ways/tips to avoid this, some wordpress users seems to have same problem. It´s seems to be the script that return the page that consume memory with each request. Not a simple $get/$post.

    If anyone is having the same problem and have a solution. I´d appreciate.
    Sorry about the bad english, I´m not a native speaker.

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