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Facebook Connect

  • Mythailife


    Can someone explain the REAL benefits of using Facebook Connect plugin? I’m really not understanding what it is or how it really works.

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  • r-a-y


    This is just an opinion from someone who’s never used the plugin… but it’s basically for login / registration ease.

    You don’t have to register a new account to become a member of someone’s BP network… just login with your Facebook account!

    According to the plugin’s description, there are plans to integrate the friend list and also newsfeed publishing.



    I think it would be cool to have that functionality, to jumpstart a community.

    However, after installing it on BP1.1.1 (& wpmu 2.8.4), the button appears nicely on the right of the login screen, but when clicking it I always get this FB 404 in a popup:

    “The page you requested was not found.

    You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.

    * Return home

    * Go back to the previous page”

    Maybe it is my crappy new facebookprofile that is not complete, can somebody else with a real FB account test it on ?

    I disabled the welcome pack plugin for now as apparently that caused problems, but no difference.

    Cheers, Harry



    I get the same message. I have created the API Key and Secret key but still not working properly. I get the same page not found error. I don’t think this is working properly for 1.1. But with that said it is working on the BP demo…

    With regards to the API, have you seen the API setup page? Holy crap, it’s got all kinds of questions for the API and I don’t have a clue what what 90% of them are.



    Thanks for your reply. Yep, now I know why I had stayed away from FB so long. Took me hours to sign up and find out that they do not accept any email adress starting with “mail” or “info” (thanks to the nicely descriptive message ‘please enter a valid email address’ :-P).

    Anyway, still does not work.

    I also noticed that the connect button disappears after I log in, is this a feature or a bug? Isn’t the connect meant to connect logged-in users?



    Some more (debug?) info:

    I noticed that on the BP Demo site the Connect button also disappears when you are logged in, which does not make much sense?

    Also the popup window on has a URl starting with, while the link of my button starts with fb/com/login.php

    I am logged in on FB and used both my site, FB as well as testbp from the same browser (FF).

    Cheers, Harry


    added: I noticed when using the FB connect on, I am logged in as my Fb name and a new account is created on So now I have two accounts there, as I had to log out of my existing account in order to see the connect button?

    Andy, as you are the author and there is little documentation of the plugin, maybe you can clarify what parts of the above are intended functionality and what not, so we know what to test for and (not) report? Thanks!




    I don’t see what your problem is with a) the button disappears when you’re logged in. Of course it makes sense, since you’RE logged in you don’t need the button anymore. b) What’s wrong with being logged on Facebook and That’s the point of the plugin isn’t it?

    But for c) I do also get the error message when trying to connect. Is that because my site is being developed on a local server, or is there anything else wrong with my setup?



    @Bpisimone. Thank, maybe I do not get what this plugin is meant to do. I though it would allow to import/export friends, messages/status etc.

    For this, you should be

    – Logged into both. if you are only logged in in BP you do not know if you are logged in into FB, only when you log out of BP you can check it with the button?

    – you need to have some kind of trigger to crosspost etc as mentioned i.e. a button?

    My site is live and I get the same error.

    I also noticed that the Fxmlb.js script that is included adds 240kb to my homepage, which is loading before the main content, slowing the site down, so unless that changes (FB connect on member pages/profiles with clear info/instructions?) I am removing it.

    Cheers, Harry

    FB-Connect in its current state only provides user authentication via Facebook.

    Kevin Pine


    Do I have this correct?

    Users authenticating via FB-Connect will not receive email notifications unless they change their email address on their profile.



    I realize this topic may not be active anymore, but I’m curious about the functionality of the BP-FBConnect plugin. Once this plugin creates a user account based on Facebook credentials, can that user then utilize all the extended profile and wire and other buddypress features on the WPMU/Buddypress install using those credentials, or would that person have to create a separate account?



    my own page, and also the page “” is sometimes loading very very long because of this Facebook-connect.

    It seems like it is hard to get the online-connection to FaceBook ?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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