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Facebook connect

  • shaisimchi



    I have recently installed facebook connect on my buddypress installation.

    It is working fine with some issues I hope some of you guys have already solved:

    1) The facebook connect doesnt “bring” with it the user e-mail. I looked at the facebook documentation and it seems that it can be done using ” FB.Connect.showPermissionDialog(“email”); which in turns asks the user to share his e-mail with buddypress – has anyone tried it or knows how to configure?

    2) I would like to control the location of the FBconnect button on the login screen – any idea how I do that?

    3) another thing that started happening after installing FB connect is the fact that when I logout it redirect me to different pages on my site than it used to without the fbconnect. any idea why or how to control it?



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  • We did not write the WordPress FB Connect plugin. You need to talk to the author. I’ve marked this thread as not a support issue as it is not to do with BuddyPress.



    Shai, I would heavily appreciate enhancing FB Connect to take over Email addresses! By now, FB-connected Users must edit their addresses in BP’s Profile manually to receive messages.

    Btw.: we need FB Connect getting adapted to work with BP 1.2!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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