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Facebook Like, site-wide, and server stress

  • Nate


    Hi all,

    Looking for some good feedback on implementing a social sharing option within site-wide forum posts. I guess I have two questions. The first: Is this available? The second: Would you recommend it?

    I’m using a shared server right now (looking for dedicated at the moment) but I know that with some plug-ins, your server can slow waaaaaaaay down depending on a lot of things.

    Is this something that would cause a high server load?


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  • bp-help


    Using a shared server is not a good idea! Typically most shared servers will remove your site if it uses 20% of its resources because its to hard on the CPU! As far as plugins go, a well written plugin doesn’t really bog down a site anymore than BuddyPress itself would!



    It really depends on your hosting provider. My site is on a shared server and runs smooth as butter. I run a few relatively high-traffic websites (~2,000,000 page loads a month) on my portion of the server and there’s no issues. I’m also using some pretty big modifications, but as long as you get them from reputable places or code them well yourself, you won’t have a problem. A thing like Facebook share really shouldn’t effect your load times, unless the Facebook API load times are slow. This looks promising, but I never used it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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