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Facebook Login Different Password

  • amnamn180


    I’m using Facebook log in, in conjunction with BuddyPress (I’m using the Nextgen Social Login WordPress Plugin).

    The password, however, does not transfer over.

    If the user registers using facebook, then logs out. Then logs back in using the facebook email and password – BuddyPress does not recognise the details.

    It also does not notify the user of their username for logging in (which it makes up).

    Any advice?

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  • clickallco


    It would be a massive security breach if Facebook decided to transfer their users passwords over to a regular wordpress site.

    This isn’t really a Buddypress issue, but more of how Nextgen Social Login isn’t integrating your users properly.

    Until you resolve the matter with them or get a new social network plugin properly integrated with buddypress, your users need to continue logging in through facebook or they’ll have to make a new password for the account they’ve made on your site.



    Thanks for the update.
    Can you recommend a good Facebook integration plugin then?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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