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Facebook style "links" for media rich posts

  • Lawrence


    hey guys,

    is there any possiblity of having the ability to embed media (or links to media) like facebook? What I mean is that when I create a post on my facebook profile, all I do to add media is write a little blurb on my status, then click on the link button – a dropdown appears and I can type in the url I want to talk about… so if its an mp3 it embeds an mp3 player, or if its a vimeo video it adds in the flash player, or if its simply a website it grabs the first thumbnail it sees and grabs the page description. Its such an important feature for genre specific sites!

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  • Bowe


    MrMaz has created BP-Links which allows for easy submitting of rich media content. It’s not possible (yet) to use it in the activity stream but he said he would look into it when BP 1.2 is released.

    You can find the plugin and more info here;

    It does exactly what you say; Fill in a link to youtube/flickr and it detects the video or photo. The newest version of his plugin (not out yet) allows fetching images from ANY site with images on it, so that will be even more awesome!

    Killer plugin which will only get better :)



    If no one writes an oEmbed plugin for the BP activity stream in the first few weeks after BP 1.2 is up, I’ll take a look.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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