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Favorites for Blogs

  • gregfielding


    It would be great if “favorites” could also apply to blogs, perhaps with the buttons on the Blogs menu.

    This would allow users to keep track of all of the blogs they are interested in

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  • Nahum


    working on something similar to “favorite” posts or post types and their comments, when I came across this topic. It would be good to see a follow/friend-like action rather than bpfavorite for member blogs though, that way we can track all the blog activity – posts, comments, and other members who have also followed that particular blog(s)…bpfavorite is static save but I’m pretty sure you meant to follow activity streams. looking forward to seeing something come soon



    wonder if it can work off of andy’s group external blog feeds plugin. I’m thinking you add a favorite/follow link on the sub blogs and it imports the feed url of that blog into a feed reader that could be placed in a widget for the profile sidebar or be included in the ajax activity stream like the other components. I’m starting with the rss importer into a standalone widget, then I’ll see if I can apply it to the activity stream so it works similarly to the groups external blogs plugin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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