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Favorites improvements

  • bplove


    Some of my suggestions for the “Favorites” function below:

    I agree with those who suggest should be called “Bookmarks” rather than favorites.

    Should be able to tag each bookmark so you can essentially have list of them and navigate them much better.

    Or / And should be able to have “lists” of bookmarks so you can create lists around different subjects.

    Definitely should be able to favorite forum threads as well…

    What are yours?

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  • Boone Gorges


    Good suggestions, I like them all.

    You can already change the “favorites” language to “bookmarks” or whatever else you’d like with a custom language file:



    I’ve been thinking about the community relationship involved with “Favorites” and known as “Like”, of course, on Facebook. @bplove I understand how Favorites are equivalent to Bookmarks, but I’d stress to @boonebgorges and other BP devs the difference (though you probably already know them, being the smart guy you are), is important.

    Use in the “Like” fashion, we’re (potentially) able to group social relationship to a certain topic and then be able to pull those relationships out in a variety of ways:
    -Show a cluster of most liked topics
    -Connect individuals who like a certain topic together either via opt-in messaging or just graphically via avatars
    -Connect these “Like” actions into the activity stream and add a filter

    As of right now, doesn’t really do any of this. Yes, we can see each other’s favorites in individual profiles, but that information isn’t pushed to me in any way.

    Random thoughts…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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