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Feature request and suggestions – Paying to blog!! Based on achievements…

  • Mohit Kumar


    I think it might be a good work..Here is how i have conceptualised…

    We can use achievements to set some money for an event..we will have a check out limit.. I am thinking to apply it with mobile phone transfers..

    I need suggestions and hope anyone implement it,….

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  • designodyssey


    I hope you get somewhere on this. I want Buddypress, but not MU. No choice at the moment, but I’ll only have one blog. I am thinking of guest authors, but not separate blogs. I am thinking of a way to use points or achievements as a way to access the ability to blog. That will save me some moderation time I hope. Without this solution, I plan to have to moderate initial posts to see if I want the authors content. Probably need to do that anyway in the beginning, but with growth, I’d like to relax that restriction.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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