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Feature Request: Forum Link to latest post in thread

  • Talking with some of my users recently they were asking about the way the forum directory works, and asked how come when they click a link to the forum item it doesn’t take them to the latest post. Instead the link goes to the very first post in the thread and they’ve got to page through to the latest post to read it.

    Now I understand better how BP works and if they’re paying attention to their activity streams they should see a latest post link but this still depends on whether they’re friends with that person or have been participating in the activity..

    I’m not deadset on this but thought I would bring it up. I know the forum component is a carryover from bbpress (if Im not mistaken) and don’t expect the BP team to own it. Just something I was thinking about as most forums users are accustomed to being able to see things like ‘unread replies’ and new posts.

    I was considering some other alternative, but can accept if this is not possible I can inform our users and try to train them better.

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