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Feature Request: Member Avatars Grid (With link to profile)

  • smartmwp


    I would love to have this feature where instead of a paginated list of members and groups we have paginated grid layout for members (just like at and even groups. This would make it so easy and a visual treat for all members to connect with each other and find the groups they like. Each picture can link to the user’s profile and for groups each picture can link to the group’s page!

    My second feature request is to reduce spam registrations without the need of additional plugins.

    It may be too much to ask, but that would really make a difference for anyone who is using Buddypress :).

    Many Thanks

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  • You need to style that, layouts as such are for the end user to build, the old-ish bp-default had one particular layout that best suited all requirements, if you wanted something different you needed to create that as a theme.

    The grid layout style therefore needs to be built, the markup is there and can be styled, there is even a guide to doing this now, by iirc wpmu on pollyplumbers blog.

    Spam isn’t something that’s going to be tackled by the core to any great extent WP relies on plugins to combat this- look for a thread on this forum asking for testers for a new spam plugin that is looking very promising.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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