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Feature Request: XProfile Programmable Custom Fields

  • TableDropper


    I have been trying to find a way to create a dynamic multi-tier select box in the registration page and the xprofile edit page.

    For example:
    3 select boxes in which the selection choice of the current select box influences the contents of the next text box.
    Select your location:
    Select box #1> Australia
    (on change select box #2 is populated)
    Select box #2> New South Wales
    (on change select box #3 is populated)
    Select Box #3> Sydney

    There is currently no support for this specific feature, or any custom programmable fields (from what I can see searching through the actions and filters).

    I propose that there should be an action in the xprofile loop that executes when the field type is some ‘custom’ field. This field may produce a DOM element with a given ID/name so that it can be easily found through javascript. The loop may then (as it does to other fields) call the ‘pb_{field name}’ action in which the programmer links any JS to the element.

    I have a very real need for this feature, and in the meanwhile I am trying to implement it myself by hooking onto the ‘xprofile_template_loop_end’ action and displaying the HTML and linking it manually. However I cannot find any suitable filters to modify the SQL to add this custom field to the database. Can anyone recommend anything to solve this in the meanwhile? (Without editing the BP core files)

    Feedback appreciated.
    Thank you

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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