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Feature that MUST be included in next version for me..

  • nicolagreco


    In this day, i was developing plugins on my buddypress site..

    For a lot of things a user must have a blog.

    So, this is a sort of my suggestion that i hope Andy will read.

    For every user a profile-blog must be created.

    For example with Profile Blog if someone want to write some notes like on facebook and he would like publish notes, he can without creating a blog (because there is already a profile blog).

    For example if users have a profile-blog, they could post some things about themselves without write something on their blogs.

    A prologue form could be included on member theme, so users could write without go through the profile blog dashboard

    Maybe it’s a premonition of what you will make with Status plug-in.

    I think it’s more important than some other things.

    I and other developers maybe, can’t develope more with this obstacle. I will not develope on it..

    I hope Andy will read that..

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  • Burt Adsit


    Nicola, what is it you are looking for? A personal blog for each user? I think this is a good idea also. Actually I’d like to extend that concept to group blogs also. Blogs need to be more integrated into the bp framework.

    Every member needs a blog and every group needs a blog all integrated into the theme like the wire and forums. My next little project, when I get time, will be to create a ‘Group Blog’ plugin that allows a blog admin to configure their blog as a ‘Group Blog’. This will allow instant author/contributor status to specific Groups.

    Then I need to modify the member theme to integrate Blogs into it like the Forums are integrated. Not going to have time til after the 1st of the year though.



    Yes i think that groups users must have a profile blog.. I think that andy will integrate this when he write down code for bp-status.

    Integrate blogs into member-theme is very easy, look for example the post-form of Prologue theme.. i think i will integrate it, but for doing it.. I NEED default profile blog for each user.

    Thanks for your reflession, write me an e-mail with your contacts via e-mail

    bp-status? Never heard about this. But isn’t BuddyPress wire has the same function as status?

    Speaking about personal blog for each user, I think we had gone through this before. Every signed up user once got his/her default profile page in subdomain that acts like a blog. Then Andy made some modifications and threw then away.



    No bp-status will be like facebook status.

    Yes, user at registration can create their blog, but my ideal “personal-blog” is not a common blog. Imagine facebook, you can update your status adding photo wire and other, for me this is a personal-blog. A blog is something a part from it. A blog is a container where i write others thing. Personal-blog are more integrate blog, I hope I explained myself clear

    With regard to the title: “Feature that MUST be included in next version for me..”

    I’m in need of event listing. And if we look at how Facebook manage their event list, I think a pseudo-blog would also be a good base to build on. A “blog” that is open to any member to post and comment. The blog post is the event description. The blog custom field can hold specific informations: venue, RSVP, speaker, etc. The category system, tagging, etc. All is perfect, I think. Then we exclude/hide it someway so it’s not considered someone’s blog–to differentiate it with the real blogs.

    Anyway, we’re all used to develop WordPress into anything we need aren’t we? 😆

    @nicolagreco I think it looks like the same with the earlier version facebook status (without the status comment system)

    In the previous revisions, buddypress hold each profile page as blogs. It’s not blog, it’s profile page but use the database structure like a blog. I came here in the end part of that stage of BP. I’m not sure the whole structure behind it.



    Hudatorig in your first paragraph you explain exactly what i think..

    My idead Profile Blog is always a blog but more integrated with buddypress, and i think each user need at least one blog to use as profile blog..

    Maybe that can be useful to understand my idea: Any user has a DEFAULT BLOG that is a profile blog..


    I suppose an “internal blog” for buddypress plugin

    similar to wire, with simple post and comment

    and not a “redirect” on complete wordpress blog

    is right?

    Woah, way to go resurrect a SIX MONTH OLD post.



    What’s actually interesting is I believe there was an image posted a few weeks back showing that something like this blog idea was part of the first mock-ups for BP.

    I spent some time creating a theme for blogs that would look like the rest of my site, to at least give the appearance of a closely integrated blog if not the actual function of one.

    Roy McKenzie


    Since we’re naming surprise features we would like to see released in the next version, might I also add privacy controls. I think what makes some social networks so successful is that people can set boundaries with people. For example, say you put your phone number or email address on your profile. You might not want the world to see that personal information, but you may want to make it available to your friends and new people that you become friends with.

    That’s my delusional wish! :-)

    Jeff Sayre


    Hey, Roy-

    I’m currently working on the BP Privacy Component. You can read a little more about its status here. It is a very hush, hush, secret project–as you might expect for a privacy project!

    Roy McKenzie


    Thanks Jeff, just joined. Going to take a look around.



    Hello, I for one second the idea of profile or group blogs which can be more integrated

    (either through the profile or group page, or a profile / group widget through the blog.)

    Nicola, did i see something which achieved

    or moved towards something like this in the BP DEV Plugins?

    Please let me know.

    – Jeff –


    Roadmap is here: lets start a new thread please.

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