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Featured Image won’t show up on member Activity feed…

  • bikerwp000


    whenever there’s an embed video in the post. Can’t figure out what’s wrong.

    My site is still hosted on my pc so I apololgize I can’t provide a link.

    WP 4.6.1
    Mesocolumn child theme
    bp 2.6.2

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  • Can you copy/paste the content of the blog post to or somewhere, to share it with is?

    The logic is: if the post is 3 paragraphs or less, and it has an embed, it should use the embed in the summary shown in the activity stream.

    If more than 3 paragraphs, and an image exists (either a featured image, gallery, or inline img tag), it’ll use that.

    If more than 3 paragraphs and no image…. I think it will show nothing, it looks like an oversight in the code.



    Hi Paul,

    I just copy/paste my original inquiry to I’m not sure how that works, but I assume just by posting it there, people will potentially respond, right?

    Anyway, this whole afternoon I’ve been testing the 3 paragraphs rule you graciously advised me and found it a true statement.

    My conclusion is I need to have
    at least 4 paragraphs separated by [Enter],
    there must be at least one blank line in between paragraphs, and
    each paragraph needs to have at least 1 character, either letter or numeral,

    when I got all those covered, and when I have both feature image and embed video in the post, the feature image will appear in the member’s Activity feed, not the video, which is what I want.

    And there can be more than one embed video.

    What wasted me a lot of time was after successfully achieving the result I want (4 paragraphs and all those other above requirements), I experimentally deleted 1 paragraph at a time to test what makes it fail and what makes it work. After all was done, when I restored it back to the way it originally worked, suddenly either the featured image wouldn’t show up like it did the first time on Activity feed or the embed video only show the URL link but not the video itself in the post.

    I kept tweaking it every possible way hoping to find out what went wrong or if the 3 paragraphs rule was in effect incorrect.

    In the end, I realized it would work again if I simply abandoned the messed-up post and started a new post by following all the above requirements.

    So that’s what you should try if something were to go wrong and you’re at a loss of what’s going on.

    I may also need to point out that all the posts in this upcoming website of mine will be contributed by frontend members via WP User Frontend plugin, which was what I used testing this 3 paragraph rule. But I think the conclusion I came up above should remain the same if you post via backend admin.

    @ Paul, thanks again for your help. Not sure if you’d care to help me out on my the other thread “How to add self-created category to member Activity filter dropdown box?”

    How to add self-created category to member Activity filter dropdown box?

    I’d really appreciate if you, or anybody, could help me out on that one.

    I had another quickie inquiry appended at the end of that thread. That one is not as important, so please don’t worry about if if you’re not interested.

    Thank you.

    I needed the link to your pastebin… but it sounds like you’ve done the same sort of testing with the paragraphs (etc) that I was going to do.

    I’m going to check out the media extraction behaviour from the activity stream because I think there’s potential for an odd situation occurring due to a fault in the logic in the relevant bit of code, so I’m going to check that out when I get some time.



    Hi Paul,

    By all means, please do your testing too. My testing was entirely from the frontend as a non-dev. So it’s by far not something to rely on. My conclusion seems to work on the surface but anything underneath is definitely beyond me.

    I’ve been busy all day with that the other inquiry trying to figure out the tutorial on Adding custom filters to (Activity) loops. So this is to thank you for the help on both inquiries. I really appreciate that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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