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  • colingdi


    The site we’re working on has to have the ability to output every 10 entries in the activity loop a sponsored or ‘featured’ post. I’ve attacked it from 2 different ways to no avail. One nearly works in that I inject a custom post type of ‘featured post’ that displays 90% of what I want however as it’s a wordpress post not a buddypress post it doesn’t output the ability to comment or any of the usual BP controls in the feed and due to how comments are controlled in WP it’s not possible to override easily/ at all.

    I’m comfortable injecting a post into the feed and getting that sorted but does anyone have any ideas on how to get a buddypress post to be the featured post (and it needs to be an array of them as I am posting one every 10 entries so can’t be the same one over and over etc).

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I’ve searched the forums to no avail and haven’t seen a plugin that’ll do it either.

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