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Featured/pro members?

  • Philip John


    I’m looking for a way to mark some of my members as ‘pro’ or ‘featured’. They would get;

    – prominent placement in search results

    – membership to a special group

    – probably other cool stuff

    Anybody know of anything that would allow me to do this, or any way to get it done (e.g. if it would be possible using a new component?)

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  • Jeff Sayre



    You can install my Featured Members Widget for BuddyPress:

    Philip John


    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for that (oh and for your tweet yesterday!). I had already looked at your plugin actually. It doesn’t quite have the functionality I’m after in this specific case.

    What I’m after would actually be solved by allowing non-members to see the members of private groups, hence my other post.

    Jeff Sayre



    Ah, I understand!

    Perhaps once the privacy component is in place, you’ll have most (all?) of the pieces you need to accomplish your design / functionality goals. Of course, if a member of a group decided that they did not want their membership in that group displayed (made available) to non-members, then that would not meet your stated goal.



    Right, that\’s interesting.

    I\’m thinking now along just having a on/off setting for user\’s that identifies them as a \’special\’ member. This would involve a checkbox on the user page visible only to Admins and then some kind of conditional tag for dynamically altering the theme (e.g. adding a star next to a member\’s name).

    Any thoughts?

    Edit: in fact, this could be done with WP’s usermeta functions maybe?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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