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Featuring posts

  • Mistakenly placed this in an update:

    It occurs to me that for a large number of BuddyPress sites that the admin would like users to be able to request to have a post featured and then the admin would determine the posts that got featured. The plugins I have seen seem to require the admin to find the post and then edit it to either add it to a category or set a flag on the post. My question is, ”How does the BuddyPress admin find the posts to feature?”. What I am envisioning would work similar to how some of the CMS solutions for WP are working where an editor of admin releases a post for publication where an author wrote the post. Has anyone done something like this? Would such a thing be feasible at this point?

    I will admit that I am approaching this from a Higher Ed perspective. Think UMW blogs, CUNY Academic Commons, and my own Voices where there could be hundreds of posts that might never come to the admins attention that would be worthy of being featured.

    @boonebgorges replied with

    If the goal is to feature *blog* content from a WPMS installation, it sounds like this might not have much to do with BuddyPress at all. If the idea is to allow any kind of content (activity updates, forum threads, etc) to be nominated and featured, then it’d require BP integration.

    The hooks are built into BP that would make this pretty easy. In fact, @francescolaffi’s GSOC project is doing a sort of compliment to this type of project called ’bp-moderation’, which is a way for people to report (and admins to delete) offensive content. Same mechanisms, really.

    Also, you might think about putting this in a forum thread instead of a status update. No one will ever see it in this format.

    It probably is more an issue of a way for users to submit blog posts to the admin for consideration to be featured in some area of the WPMS. Maybe this is something academic WPMS users might collaborate on.

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