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Feedback = small rant

  • WayneM1


    I absolutely love the potential of WordPress / BuddyPress / bbpress ! šŸ™‚

    However, it seems I am continually frustrated by not being able to get the control and results that I want for my website. The core functions of all of these great products always need the use of another added plugin to accomplish this, or do that.

    But, you say “Plugins and modularity are awesome and flexible – we don’t want to bloat the core” etc. That’s all been debated to death.

    However, guess what happens when a great plugin that is necessary to the features that a website wants/needs no longer works? You know the answer to that… and it sucks.

    Seems like every time WP, BP, or bbpress has a core change, something breaks in a plugin somewhere, or the interaction between these products gets screwy.

    Just today I found a great plugin that I “need” to provide additional features to my site. It looks like it’s just the perfect plugin for my needs – but the developer has not updated it or responded to support topics in over 6 months – and so has issues that make impossible to use at this time.

    I’ve been biding my time for a couple years, waiting to move from a clunky old e107 website to a full on WP/BP/bbpress for my very busy website. I’m pretty damn good at WordPress now, and so when I go to do something that I think is going to work out to be great, and then run into a stumbling block at nearly every turn, it’s very frustrating šŸ™

    I don’t expect any of this to be perfect and easy out of the box. But…. this is just starting to feel pointless. I am seriously considering a more forum centric solution (SMF, phpBB, etc).

    What a shame.

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  • modemlooper


    Did we mention it’s FREE!

    No one is obligated to provide you any functionality. Rants like these are useless. Your options are to build your own functionality or hire a developer to create functionality or fix broken plugin.



    I agree with @modemlooper. I will also say that plugins are relatively small chunks of code which is a lot easier to adjust for compatibility with bp core changes. Do you really expect the core dev team to work around the hundreds of plugins in the repository? We would not have the awesomeness of BP 1.7 if they did that. To reiterate what modemlooper said, nobody is stopping you from building in your own functionality or hiring a developer.



    I appreciate your response. I also appreciate that you personally have made a specific effort to help people find plugins that are up to date and work with BuddyPress – with your BuddyPlug plugin.

    However, your response is typical of what I’ve seen here before. It’s actually somewhat condescending – and that’s just as disappointing and frustrating as the reality of trying to get these products to work as hoped.

    The “It’s FREE!” response is lame. There are many free web products that are awesome – including all of those I just ranted about above. I’m not saying that the work being done here is not appreciated. I’m saying that I’m frustrated with the results I’m getting from this piecemeal approach to creating a website. If all of the pieces worked as advertised, integrated and up to date, I would be quite happy.

    I’m sorry that feedback – even in the form of a small rant – is so typically dismissed here. Based on all of what I have read in the forums here, I feel confident in saying that there are countless others who feel the same way as I do.

    Thanks so much for pointing out my options. Characterizing my post as useless is your prerogative. That’s too bad, as well.



    Yes, your words exactly…

    “There are many free web products that are awesome ā€“ including all of those I just ranted about above. Iā€™m not saying that the work being done here is not appreciated. Iā€™m saying that Iā€™m frustrated with the results Iā€™m getting from this piecemeal approach to creating a website.”

    There ARE many free and great plugins but ranting about the things you can’t get is silly in comparison. You get a lot for free and when you you need that one more thing you will either have to get it by other means that I have stated above. BuddyPress will never be all things to everyone so you will always have to go piecemeal, as you say.

    I’m not being condescending, just stating the facts.

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