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FEEDBACK : Some cleanup required

  • patrix87



    I really like buddypress and bbpress and all the features and modules they offer.

    But I’m having a lot a problem finding accurate information about the code and how to do stuff.

    I think a good cleanup and update of your documentation to make sure it is clear and easy to navigate would be a must. I keep finding a lot of old information about old version I don’t care about. And I don’t get how that menu work…

    Another thing that bothers me is how you assume things instead of giving the webmaster more options.

    E.G. That whole mess about the name field. It is almost impossible to change it back to nickname or to first name and last name or to just remove it. I think that there should be a way to control that field and assign it to a WordPress field. E.G. First name = WordPress First name and same thing for last name. Or to use Nickname instead as the display name. I’m building a gaming community, Gamers do NOT want their real name on the internet. And it is a pain to make sure it does not happen.

    Also, It would be nice to have more control over who can see private and hidden forum. I used AAM to create 2 new user groups called Member and Admin but Buddypress and BBpress have there own permission system and I can’t make it work like I would like.

    So in short:

    – Clean up the codex / documentation
    – Stop assuming things and give more control to the webmaster
    – Custom member groups with granular permission
    – Member page made of shortcodes

    Thank you for reading my feedback

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