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few questions please

  • Hello

    I am not a programmer , so i have few question please

    1- buddypress main page can be made to be like facebook, so the person has to register to be able to browse the site ?

    2- after your own experience, shared hosting can handle 20 000 registered members , maybe 500 members logging in at same time?

    3- is it free from bugs? because i dont want to end up paying all the time to fix bugs

    4- is there a way so when a person wants to register, when he click on registration button, he has to answer 5 questions correctly in order to be able to register

    5- in the demo , i did not see that a person can have a photo album, so only 1 photo can be uploaded?

    6- is there a way to add 3 banners on top and 2 banners on the right that appears on all page?

    Thanks in advance

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  • r-a-y


    1) You can do this, but not by default. Requires a plugin or some custom code.

    2) Depends on your server.

    3) An open source project will always have bugs that’s why there’s new releases! Who says you have to pay someone to upgrade? BP is free and will always be free.

    4) Possible via custom code.

    5) There is no native support for photo albums; however, there are plugins that you can use to add support for this. BP Album+ and BP-Gallery are a few plugins that can do this.

    6) This can be done via creating a custom theme.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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