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  • arwenmckenzie


    Is there any simple way to filter the activity feed. Long time ago I must have used the abandoned BuddyPress Block Activity Stream Types.

    For me one of the absolute downsides with Buddypress is it seems impossible to filter the activity feed in a simple way like a built in feature or a plugin (I’ve googled a lot and cannot find any).

    I cannot be the only one who is setting up a community where the users won’t care who is befriending who etc. they would just want the latest scoop from the site in the activity flow. Any ideas of simple solutions?

    Why isn’t this feature built in to the core? For me personally that would skyrocket Buddypress to a complete new level 😀

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  • danbp



    BuddyPress is a swissknife, when used out of the box, does a lot of things. But like a swissknife, you have to choose the knife or the tool you need precisely at the moment M. And like with the famous knife, you have to do this manually.

    Filtering the general activity.
    There is a default filter with several options,
    You can modify the activity loop display via the template,
    You can write some functions for more customization.

    This is pretty much for a component, and almost available for all BP components. Not exactly what you could qualify as “not built-in”… But you’re right, it is not “ready to use” via a “clickodrome” or a press’n’play customizer (not yet).

    If you search the forum, yo’ll find a lot of related topics, and some with working snippets.
    On the codex, you have also many information. Ie. :

    Using bp_parse_args() to filter BuddyPress template loops

    Activity dropdown filters in templates



    Good take on the Suisse thingy LOL but this is one of the things I really wish for in the core it would make so much easier to set up and really is what’s holding me back the most. Thanks for input! 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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