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Filter ID groups_members-order-by missing with Activity disabled

  • sophiaknows


    Hello and thank you for your work on this plugin!
    I use Buddypress with a theme, Neve, which requires a few display settings, for example centering the values (Newest, Oldest, Alphabetical) in the filters (for directories of members, groups, in groups, etc. .). To do this, I take the element ID and apply text-align:center to it in Additional CSS and it works. When looking for the ID of one of these elements in a group, for the group member list, I realized that there was none. So, on the one hand I can’t center it, on the other hand, as mentioned in the post “Sort function in groups not working”, this filter does not work, maybe because of this missing ID.
    In my configuration, I had not activated the Activity part, and by doing so, the ID appears (groups_members-order-by), it is only without the Activity feed (and therefore when the Home page of the group contains the members) that the ID is missing and therefore inoperative.
    I just updated to 10.5.0 and it still does.
    WordPress 6.0.3
    Wish there is a way to fix this and keep Activity disabled 🙂

    PS: topic already posted but blocked/deleted because of links and images (?)

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