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filtering with my favorites

  • tifire


    I have found two problems with “My Favorites” tabs:

    The drop down list filter (everything, updates, posts, comments, etc) on “My Favorites” tab doesn’t seem to work. It always show all my favorite activities. The filter with other tabs (“All Members”, “My Friends”, “My Groups”, “Mentions”) do work.

    Even when the activities have been deleted, the count with “My Favorites” remain the same. For example, there were 6 favorites but 1 was deleted by the owner. When the “My Favorites” tab is clicked, the loop shows 5 activity post, but the number on the tab is still 6.

    Are those two buddypress bugs?

    I checked buddypress code:
    line # 361:
    $include = implode( ‘,’, (array)$favs );

    The include was set with the favorite, that’s why it’s always there no matter what filter is picked. I can put some code here to solve problem #1, but is there a better way? It’s not a good option to change the core code.

    Can someone help?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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