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Filters and Following going wrong

  • kaberi


    Probably I posted in the wrong forum and got no response, so re-posting here please.

    **Filters at Favorit and other tabs do NOT obey filter **

    I choose a Forum Topic and an @myname mention as Favorit.
    Now I clicked the Favorit tab (No filter) – things show okay
    Now I clicked ‘Show New Group’ filter.
    Expected : “Sorry, there was no activity found. Please try a different filter.”
    BUT it still continues to show the favorits.

    Any way to hide the filter when the tabs are Favorit / Following so that it makes some sense as the filter is currently non-working?

    The same problem happens here also. It is demonstratable in this filters.

    ** “Following” widget, when activated in sidebar of a wordpress mu blog shows wrong following.**

    For example, when blog writer A sees his own blog he sees that he is following X, Y, Z
    It is expected that when blog writer B visit A’s blog he will see the same as above but B sees what he is following in A’s sidebar.

    MOREOVER, the sidebar widget lists the avatars/photos serially instead of a grid (for example 5×5 grid, configurable) – this makes the widget unusable because of a very long scroll. It also lacks a ‘more’ link when needed. On hover over the photos/avatars it does not show names but just ‘member avatar’.

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