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Finding your own posts

  • Good Afternoon,

    Sorry to ask such a generic question and I feel so stupid to ask but to be honest, I’m finding using these Support forums quite stressful / frustrating.

    I have posted a couple of questions here but cannot work out how to find the posts to see if anyone has responded. If I search using the field at the top it appears to provide links to lots of articles but not my posts. I cannot then find a search box within the forum itself.

    Appreciate all your help and maybe if someone replies, could you message me too as I probably won’t be able to find this post either !

    Really am sorry for missing a trick!

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  • @giftoly

    try changing your display name to something different from login, that appears to circumvent an issue with activity stream then you posts should appear under your activity, also whenever replying ensure @mention is used @username so that messages are triggered.


    Thanks, your post then showed in my mentions list but nothing else in any.

    Also what’s stopping a display name being unique and therefore, how do I know @hugo goes to yourself and not others ?


    Prime example.. @hnla is your mention name but how do you know that without looking at everyones profile ?

    @giftoly True – no answer to that one sadly. You should be getting your posts showing in your ‘Your Activity’ page though?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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