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Finding/Disabling jQuery: Post Form Flyout

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    Someone on WP forums told me the reason the post form flies out to reveal “Post” and “Post To” form objects is jQuery. Server-side code is alien to me, and jQuery is something else altogether. I’d like to find out where it is and disable/amend it so the objects are never hidden.

    Who put it in there? I think they’d be the best person/people to talk to.


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    You appear to be talking about something proprietary belonging to a themes method of doing something , this doesn’t sound like something BP does. You do need to be a little more explicit in your detail.

    Are you perhaps referring to the comments textareas in activity streams?



    If it is a function coming from the theme it comes with bp-default and every other theme I’ve ever installed.
    On the post form itself, on the bottom of the form “Post In”, “Privacy” (added by a plugin), and “Post”. That area is hidden by default until the user clicks the “What’s New” text field.

    To solve my problem I’ve changed my theme’s inline CSS height to be tall enough to reveal the extra form objects. My solution fails when you make an activity post and the jQuery hides the objects in question, again.

    To change that behaviour you’re going to need to overload the JS file really and modify it along with some ruleset changes. Have to admit I’m with you on this one find that bit of coding a nuisance.



    Right. Me, personally, I have two options. Pay someone to do that or sabotage the effect somewhere along the way.
    What would I need to tell someone who’ll be doing that?

    You just need to explain the issue is with the textarea ‘what’s new’ form and it’s inline JS styles that need overriding – if you get stuck drop me a line hugo.ashmore at gmail dot com

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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