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First contact with BuddyPress – a few questions about configuration

  • Geekboy68k



    First of all – my WP ver. is 3.5.0 pl_PL, BuddyPress – 1.6.4. No other plugins except Akismet. Site is localhosted (still working on it).

    My stupid questions are:
    1. I would like to lock wp-admin for all registered users except staff members – something like here. On my site all users can manage their profiles using WP Dashboard, similar to BuddyPress account edit page, so I see no reason to keep it up twice. How to do that?

    2. I would like to create activity stream in user profiles, but without their “activity”, like status updates, activity comments or “Favourite” button. Just auto-updates like “XXX joined the group YYY” or “XXX started a forum topic”, etc… Which components should I turn on/how to configure it?

    3. Look at it:
    In this profile you can see that user became a registered member and posted an update –
    In this – only update and activity comments, no other actions –
    And in this – nothing – “There was no activity found…” –

    On what it depends?

    4. As I saw, users can set their name beside their nickname. How to change it? (nick given at registration is automatically displayed name and users can’t edit it in their profiles)

    Thanks for replies – it’s my first contact with BuddyPress.

    See you,

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