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Floating problem with profile header is getting annoing.

  • ckubs


    I have a problem regarding profile header or more specifically item-header-content, the area that sits next to the avatar image. After a day of blood and tears I managed to make my not so buddypress friendly theme to work with it and now, one of the few issues left is this and strange enough, not theme related how I thougt. I also made a test with another 5 themes and the problem was still there.

    When I add a status on the wall, normally it gets displayed by default on the profile header next to the profile avatar. If the status is smaller than one line of text, it’s container remains next to the avatar, if it’s larger than one line the container goes under the avatar, with no sign of text floating. Tried almost everything( I’m nost shure if I did it correctly thoug) in CSS and nothing.

    Atacched a photo to be more clear.

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