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For Those who want to moderate new user / Blog signups in Bussypress

  • dheerajsingh


    After doing a lot of research on the net I have found a way in which the admin can moderate the new users and/or blogs.

    This is how it happens

    1. A new user registers on your site.

    2. After registration he/she is shown a message that “an admin needs to approve your account etc…”

    3. The admin recieves the activation mail in his/her inbox.

    4. When the admin clicks on the activate link the member gets a mail in his/her inbox with their username and password.

    And Here is how to Achieve this.

    Step one:

    a. Open wp-content/mu-plugins/bp-core/bp-core-activation.php

    b. Search for wp_mail($user_email, $subject, $message, $message_headers); (There are two instances of this code on the file)

    c. In the above piece of code replace $user_email with $admin_email or ‘’

    d. Do the same changes for the other instance.

    e. Finally you must have changed $user_email with $admin_email or ‘’ at two places on Open wp-content/mu-plugins/bp-core/bp-core-activation.php

    Step 2:

    a. Open the fle wp-content/mu-plugins/bp-core/bp-core-signup.php

    b. Search for functions bp_core_signup_confirm_blog_signup and bp_core_signup_confirm_user_signup

    c. Thse functions will have the messages that are displayed to users on their screen after they sign up.

    c. Change the messages as per your needs.

    Step 3:

    Test the changes


    I have made these changes and tested them on However all these changes require to change code at places where it will be lost during upgradation. Can someone come up with a plugin for same.

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  • Dedy Sofyan


    Interesting mod. Thanks.

    The mod redirects the activation email to the admin’s email address then the admin clicks the activation URL to “approve” the request.

    Is there a way we can include the user’s info in the activation email (full name and other extended profile info) for the admin to decide whether to approve it or not?

    A friend of mine, a programmer, is trying exactly that: Admin gets in the email the infos from the profile. That would be great. BUT if someone has already done this – please share your solution with us!



    If that hack can be done via bb-custom.php, then it won’t be overwritten via upgrades.

    Aron Jay


    there’s already a plugin for that..

    look around at



    There’s one for blogs, but not users on wpmudev.

    And wpmu has hack for moderating new users, but that touches the core files. Which means we have to do the same thing over and over each time we upgrade wpmu…

    Aron Jay



    yah, the plugin i’m pointing is just for moderating blogs only.



    Any update to this? Seems like someone was on to something – exactly what I need… a way to moderate the list of user registrations before it’s accepted. Any ideas – progress here?






    I have an even harder one. My client wants to moderate user pictures. They have to get approval before it posts on their profile. Any ideas? Any plugins?

    Thread was about 4 months old when webatease posted asking for updates; and no reply from the original poster. If anyone’s interested, I suggest you send the original poster a message via this site.

    jerrod1225 has started a new thread about moderating pictures, so I’m closing this topic.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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