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Format of Forum pages

  • inge12


    I understand that the current version of Buddypress/BBpress is supposed to be theme independent, but I’ve run into a problem.

    Weaver II Pro, allow various arrangements of side bars, and I have specified the following:
    Blog, Post, Page Default: Single Column, Sidebar in Right
    Archive-like Default: Split sidebars on Right and Left
    Page: Split sidebars on Right and Left.

    I can set sidebars on pages individually, if I like. (An extremely versatile theme, if a bit intimidating to a novice.)

    The problem: All forum pages/posts show up formatted with two side bars on the right, one blank, the other my normal right side bar. This kind of setup is not specified anywhere!

    Question: From where does the forum pull the formatting pattern, seeing it is not possible to edit the lay-out of non-editable posts/pages. (The forum pages seem to be in post format … I think?) If I knew this, perhaps I could work around the problem.

    There really should be a way to specify the lay-out and what goes into any side bars.

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