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Forum Activity in User's Stream but NOT Forum Summary

  • beeeerock


    Latest versions of everything as suggested by WordPress’s update function. BuddyPress Default theme. bbPress was installed before BuddyPress. The BuddyPress settings page had to be pointed at the correct location for bb-config.php although the forum seemed to work anyway.

    When viewing my ‘member’ page, I get the sub menus of Activity, Profile, Messages, Friends, Forums and Settings. Postings I make to the forum show up in that activity stream without any apparent issues (new posts and replies). However, going to the ‘Forums’ sub menu tab I see four sub options appear below – ‘Topics Started’, ‘Replies Created’, ‘Favorites’ and ‘Subscriptions’. The first two (topics started and replies created) show up completely blank. Well, blank except for a very small smiley face which I think I associate with an error of some sort? ‘Favorites’ tab actually shows a title and a comment saying I have no favorites (likely correct). ‘Subscriptions’ shows a list of topics that appears correct.

    So the problem seems to be with BuddyPress extracting forum-specific information, even though it appears to be managing to do so for the activity stream.

    I didn’t find any assortment of key words that found anything resembling this problem on the search system here. No obvious clues in the apache logs…

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