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[Resolved] forum problem after update

  • johnjf


    I just updated my buddypress to the latest version and went through my pages to make sure everything is running smoothly. Once again I’m having an issue with my forum. It’s not showing up, I went into my setting and followed a few steps from when I had this problem before but it’s not working. These are the steps I’ve done

    1. Login to the WP admin dashboard, navigate to “Settings > BuddyPress“. Enable the “Discussion Forums” component and save.
    2. Navigate to “Settings > BuddyPress“. Click on the “Pages” tab. Under “Discussion Forums”, select “None” and save.
    3. Navigate back to “Settings > BuddyPress“. Make sure you’re on the “Components” tab. Uncheck the “Discussion Forums” component and save.

    Edit your “Community” page in WordPress, add the shortcode:


    So after trying that, I got a 404 page error. So I did the steps again but this time change the page from none to it’s original called “community”. After viewing the community page to see if the forum showed up all I was getting was a blank profile page instead and still no forum showing up. Can anyone help me out please?

    Thank you

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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