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Forum replies not threaded in activity stream

  • LPH2005


    Replies done in the forum are not threaded in the activity stream. Is this something I’ve done wrong or is there a reason this is not done in BP?

    Here is an example of what happens. The person adds the forum topic and it is placed in the activity stream. Someone replies and it shows up separately in the activity stream. The OP responds and now there is a third item in the activity stream – looking unrelated to the other two activities …

    Forum replies not threaded in activity stream

    Any suggestions? Do we wait until the bbpress plugin or is there a present fix?

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  • r-a-y


    That’s currently the correct behaviour.

    The activity stream is a separate component from the group forums.
    Could be possible to thread forum replies together in the activity stream with some activity meta… needs investigating.



    Thank you for answering @r-a-y

    My hope is that the new bbpress plugin is released in Q1/Q2 and then there can be better integration with the activity stream. Personally, they should go both ways – a reply in the stream should go to the forum and a reply in the forum should go to the stream (threaded)….

    @r-a-y… any news on when the bb-press activation is going to be coming in… in many ways it seems like its that las big missing piece of the puzzle… and all the others can come in later… ofcourse, dont forget the privacy plugin..

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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