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Forum replies won't stick

  • ericreynolds007


    Running the Affinity Theme for Buddypress v. 1.2 with BP 1.2.3 on WP 2.9.2

    Web Site:

    My forums link shows up in my submenu under “Community.” Yet I cannot post anything to the Group Forums. I post a new topic, enter my title and body content. Then, when I hit the “Post Topic” button, the info clears out and it tells me there are no group forums.

    I am receiving the following error from my Dashboard. I re-installed a new bbPRess forum. Still nothing. Any help appreciated. Thank you. :)

    “Forums Setup

    bbPress forum integration in BuddyPress has been set up correctly. If you are having problems you can re-install

    NOTE: The forums directory will only work if your bbPress tables are in the same database as your WordPress tables. If you are not using an existing bbPress install you can ignore this message.”

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  • r-a-y


    Login to the WP backend, navigate to “BuddyPress > Component setup”. Disable bbPress forums. Save and re-enable bbPress forums.

    Then navigate to the group in question, navigate to the group admin area, click on “Group Settings”. Uncheck “Enable discussion forum”, save and then re-check “Enable discussion forum” and save.

    Now try to post a forum topic.

    See if that works.



    Yipeee! It works now. Thank you so much r-a-y. Now if only someone would tell me how I can put some spacing between my “Who’s Online” avatars. I have been searching for hours for a css file to revise. :(

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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