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Forum set up help

  • kevindfemmel


    I’m using the guide you guys have to set up a forum. This guide:

    Installing Group and Sitewide Forums

    But I’m running into an issue. This guide tells me to do this:

    Create a new Forum as the “parent forum” for all of your Group Forums.
    Go to Forums > Add New
    Add Title, e.g. Group Forums
    Change Forum Attribute Type from “Forum” to “Category”
    Add Page Order, e.g. 100 – positioning Group Forums near bottom of Sitewide Forums. Leave it at default “0″ if you want it to show up above all other forums. Or adjust Page Order as necessary.
    Click on Publish button.

    I’m trying to do this but when I try to create the main Forum, it keeps saying ERROR: Your forum needs a parent, but the whole point is this forum will be the parent of everything else. It doesn’t even give me the option to select a parent yet.

    What am I doing wrong?

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