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forum setup

  • joaquingrech



    I’m having trouble with the forum setup. My site just started
    1) How do I change the menu name on the site. I don’t want “Forum” but like you have it here “Community”
    2) The forum layout is horrible. I like it more in line with the phpBB forum style. It is very hard to follow the forum with the current layout since every post takes way too much useless space. Is there a theme that makes it look better? I’ve tried a bunch without too much luck.
    3) I’m not very happy with the name Groups, since they should be more like Topics or Headers or whatever. The problem with Groups is that it seems you want to join a Group of people when you are talking social. In fact, it should be a feature, to be able to create groups of friends that have their own forums or sites.
    Is this possible? First, remove “groups” from the menu, then maybe rename it to “Topics” or “Categories” and lastly create a group of people. Since my site is for a game, having the option to create guilds (groups) would be nice.

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  • Hi Joanquingrech.

    You can change any of the labels and messages in BuddyPress to whatever you want by making a customized language file. This article explains what to do:

    I like thinking of groups as “categories” myself. If you change them to “categories” or “topics” in the language file, then they can be geographical areas, or guilds, or whatever you want.

    You can remove “groups” from the menu by creating a custom menu in WordPress that doesn’t have a ‘Groups’ tab.

    Normally, users would join the groups themselves by clicking on the “join group” button, but as an admin you can move users around as you want between groups.

    I can’t advise you on the theme for the forum appearance. I’m just going to edit the stylesheet myself to set mine up how I want.



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