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Forum slow to load, show post form open then closes.

  • still giving



    as per title, I find Forum page is slow to load. First it shows the post form (e.g. Title: Content” Tags: etc) as open > then it closes them and shows the forum list as it should do. Happens all the time the page loads.

    Anyone having the same problem? Any fixes?

    Thanks in advanks.

    WP3, latest BP, nothing much by the way of plugins.

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  • i believe that form is hidden by jQuery after the page loads – i’ve noticed only when a server/network is slow.



    3sixty noticed that the forum topic count was a big performance eater:

    Try the solutions listed there and report back.

    still giving


    Unfortunately it is not easy to post code to Buddypress but here goes … the answer is, it does not work. It does not fix it.

    The Forum page STILL shows an open posting form which then closes to show the forums which looks bad and not professional at all. How can one load the forums first and the post form second?

    To help others … this ‘fix’ edit requires commenting out the following line on /buddypress/bp-forums.php

    // do_action( ‘bbpress_init’ );


    function bp_forums_total_topic_count() {
    do_action( ‘bbpress_init’ );

    $query = new BB_Query( ‘topic’, array( ‘page’ => 1, ‘per_page’ => -1, ‘count’ => true ) );
    $count = $query->count;
    $query = null;

    return $count;

    The alternative offered is worse … it breaks the default template.

    function bp_forums_total_topic_count() {
    $query = new BP_Forums_Template_Forum;
    $count = $query->total_topic_count;

    return $count;

    But, thanks, it is good to know that I am not stupid and I am coming across problems wiser people than I have encountered.

    still giving


    It does not fix it.

    how to make it load after the rest of the page?



    @nonegiven I too have this issue but only when I am logged in on an account that has joined thousands of groups.

    I have 2000 groups on my site. Admin is a member of all of them and has multiple topics in each. When I log in as admin the page is a little slower to load as the page fetches the number of topics that are admins.

    If I log in on an account that has only created a few dozen topics then the page loads quickly. I imagine it is something to do with MYSQL queries.

    the div new-topic-post is hidden by jQuery (see global.js ) after the page loads – you could change up a child theme to hide this div within the html first.

    @nuprn1 what code can I use to hide the div new-topic-post in html??? And where would I make this change??? I am a noob!!! Thanks!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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