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Forum tab disappear after saving admin changes in group

  • Praveen Razor


    Hello Everybody I have encountered an issue while using below versions of buddy press related products and plugins.

    bbpress 2.3.2
    wordpress 3.6

    We haven’t used any other libraries other than these so It cannot be a conflict due to other libraries.

    MY problem is that when we create a group and then change the admin settings of the group(it doesn’t matter if you change or don’t change the default settings just click save changes) and click save changes and when you go back to the group the Forum tab disappear.

    I have tested the default theme as well as twentytwelve theme and the result is the same.The forum tab doesn’t appear in the group page after saving the admin changes.I have even followed the given installation guide form buddy press.

    I will be really grateful for any help that could throw some light how to resolve this issue

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