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Forum tags editing error

  • snark


    I’m not able as admin to add tags to Forum topics after they have been created, using the edit function, even though the “Tags” field appears. I add them and say “save changes”, but the tags are never added to the database. As long as you add tags when you originally create a topic, it works, but not when you try it after a topic has been created.

    Has anybody else seen this, or know of a fix? I wasn’t able to find anything in a search. Thanks.

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  • rossagrant


    Hey Snark,

    As far as I’m aware this has been reported on TRAC as a bug and will hopefully be fixed in a future release. I agree, it’s very frustrating.

    Can a mod please confirm that this is being worked on?

    I’ll “bump” this one – just getting an install set up now, would like to know if it’s worth trying to get people to use this feature or not, since it seems to be pretty unintuitive. I can see the tag cloud on the side with the standard buddypress theme, but no idea which ones are on my post when I open it to edit and no way to add tags if I forgot one

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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