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Forum topic admin links missing topic permalink.

  • kyro


    Hi ppl,

    I think this is a problem that has emerge allready but i simply cannot find a solution for this.
    In a single topic, the admin links (Edit, Fix, Delete, etc) are missing the topic permalink.

    There is a problema with the function bp_get_the_topic_permalink(). It doesnt return the topic permalink correctly,

    I have tracked the bug in a few places but i still dont know how to solve it :(
    Like the one below that has exactly the same problem.

    “Fix bug where topic permalink would not calculate correctly in single topic view on some installations” in

    I also noticed that on the single edit topic php, this problem doesnt exist and the function bp_get_the_topic_permalink() echos correctly.

    Is there anyone that can help me with this please?

    Thank you in advance

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  • Toby Cryns


    Absent a good alternative solution, you might try switching hosts. The link you provide indicates that the issue only appears on specific hosting setups.

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