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Forum topic title tags and SEO

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    Hi all, first I want to say I am using SEO by Yoast on my Buddypress site using the compatibility fix found here:

    I have tried seopress and there seems to be a lot of bugs for me. My main issue now is the forum topic title tags. It reads like this. Group Name | Forum | Topic Title | Site Name This is too much and don’t seem to be in the correct order. I would like it to read like this.

    Topic Title | Group Name | Site Name

    How do I achieve this?
    Also I noticed on this site under the Support Topics Forum there is a list of all the Support Group Forums under the Topic Titles. My site only list the Topic Titles without a list of the possible Groups to post to unless you go to the groups tab. How do I achieve this forum index at the bottom of the forum page.


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