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Forum vs. Activity Stream split personality

  • snark


    Running BP 1.2 with WP 2.9.1 single-user. Ok, I’m working to clarify this family of issues related to Forum / Activity stream integration:

    1) When deleting posts in the Activity stream, they are not deleted in the Forum. Any way to accomplish this? It used not to work in the other direction either (deleting Topics/replies in Forum was not deleting them in the Activity stream), but this has finally been fixed with the final release of BP1.2 (see ).

    2a) If a user posts a reply to a Topic in the Forum, it shows up in the Activity stream, as it should. But if a user replies to a forum Topic or Topic Reply in the Activity Stream, it doesn’t show up in the Forum.

    2b) You can “reply to a reply” to a Topic in the Activity stream, which is then threaded, but you cannot “reply to a reply” to a Topic in the Forum itself.

    2c) For any replies to a post in the Activity Stream, an email notifier is sent to the creator of the post being replied to, but for replies to the same post in the Forum, an email notifier is not sent.

    3) You can “Favorite” a post in the Activity stream, but you can’t “Favorite” that same post in the Forum. (See my trac ticket —

    There seems to be a split personality going on between the Forum and the Activity stream, and I’m looking for ways to close the gap. This, I believe, is precisely the function of Buddypress, to merge WordPress with bbPress and add new social networking features.

    Basically, it’s a one-way street from the Forum to the Activity stream, and I’m looking for a way of making it a two-way street, so that anything you do in the Activity stream shows up at the source in the Forum. Adding the Activity stream feature of threaded replies to the Forum would be great as well — if you can have these threaded conversations in the Activity stream, why not in the Forum too, where it should be more full-featured?

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Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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