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Forums and Profile Fields

  • lewbell


    Installed 1.1 BP over 1.1 rc and followed all instructions. 2 problems.

    1–The profile field setup was made and new users on fresh computers were not asked to “sign up”

    2–Forums setup

    from the dashboard I receive this message:

    Forums Setup

    bbPress forum integration in BuddyPress has been set up correctly……

    But when I hit the Forums button on the home page I get this message (same as 1.1rc):

    $bb->custom_user_table = “wp_users”; $bb->custom_user_meta_table = “wp_usermeta”; $bb->uri = “”; $bb->name = ” Forums”; $bb->wordpress_mu_primary_blog_id = 1; define(‘BB_AUTH_SALT’, “982f93132e170a0a9d214e41336f56f1e6e399f705c8be7c5d96b411d040b4c4”); define(‘BB_LOGGED_IN_SALT’, “93b707990b272c6c02a866b3b67106d16ab91fb5c6ee1d5c984a524f791f7af1”); define(‘BB_SECURE_AUTH_SALT’, “dcac4305f1581dbd1f27313c4d629ec2fac65749ecf57895230316b7efead55c”); define(‘WP_AUTH_COOKIE_VERSION’, 2); ?>

    Warning: mysql_get_server_info(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/lewbell/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1202

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  • Sounds like your MySQL database connection details aren’t proper. However, if the rest of your WPMU site works…

    Was your previous bbpress install in a seperate database? (i.e. not in the same one as wpmu/buddypress)



    Thanks DJ

    Reinstalled bbpress once again and it seems to respond now.

    Still can’t get the Profile Field questions to show up for new users.

    I think I’m missing something small.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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