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[Resolved] "Forums component has not been set up yet" error after moving site

  • notpoppy


    I have a site running WordPress 3.5.2 and BuddyPress 1.6.1 with Forums for Groups set up.

    This is running in a live environment but I wanted to duplicate the site in a test environment on my local machine to try out more recent version of BuddyPress and WordPress before upgrading to them.

    I’m doing this using WAMP. I’ve copied over the databases and files and for the most part the duplicate version of the site runs fine – I can view posts, make changes in the admin, etc…

    However Forums for Groups does not work correctly. If I go the forums page I am returned to the homepage and shown this error message:

    The forums component has not been set up yet.

    If I go to the forums configuration tab within BuddyPress it says Forums for Groups have not been set up, even though they have been on the live site.

    Clearly something has gone wrong in the move. If I go into the database I can see all the forum data is there. But if I follow the steps to ‘install’ the forums I just end up getting blank pages where the forums should be.

    Can anyone suggest why the site is incorrectly telling me the forums haven’t been set up?

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  • notpoppy


    Ah, never mind I’ve solved it. I needed to edit the bb-config-location value in wp_options an change the database settings in bb-config. Working now.

    Please mark as “resolved”.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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