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Forums give a blank page after installing

  • I’m having issues with the (bbPress) forum installation. after installation, the forums navigation tab appears, but when clicked it leadsto a blank page. I have tried reinstalling times. I installed the latest version of wordpress (not MU) and latest version of buddypress.

    If I try to create a group and click ‘enable discussion forum’ I get a blank page as well. I’ve search the forums already but can’t find a sollid answer. Anyone knows this problem or can direct me to the sollution?

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  • Erin Bell


    I had this same issue. Check your error logs to see if it is a memory issue. My hosting provider changed my PHP limit from 32 to 64 and that solved the blank page problem (or so it appeared). However, even though the page now displays, I still have an issue with the forums not working correctly so maybe this doesn’t help at all.

    BP depends on .htaccess being enabled.

    In apache in httpd.conf AllowOverride controls

    what directives will be allowed in .htaccess files.

    I’m using:

    AllowOverride FileInfo Options

    The default value was:

    AllowOverride None

    Which caused problems when installing BuddyPress




    kim: can we just use AllowOverride All in .htaccess?

    No, you can’t.

    :) To elaborate on that, Apache directives have conditions which govern where they can be set from the directive ‘AllowOveride’ is one that says what may be overridden or reset from outside the main config file , in other words it is the directive that allows certain other actions to be run from the .htaccess file at site directory levels, so logically this directive can’t itself be run from that file as it has to run in advance to allow .htaccess rules. It can only be set from ‘Directory’ sections in either httpd.conf or within vhost containers.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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