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Forums Panel missing in Buddypress Admin

  • linkinp


    Hi, Fresh Install of wordpress, Buddypress and bbpress.

    Now I go to settings -> Buddypress
    I see only three tabs. ( the foruth tab Forums is missing)
    1. Components
    2. Pages
    3. Settings

    Also on components I do not find
    Discussion Forums Component.

    I did create a page called Forums
    and since in BBpress I have changed the Forum base from Forums to Talks
    and forum slug to talk I also created a page called Talks just incase.

    I want to set up Sitewide Forum for my website.

    Please advice.

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  • Anton Naydenoff


    You could see this component in Settings just under Components:

    Components – Pages – Settings
    All (9) – Active (9) – Innactive (0) – Must-use (2) – Retired (1)

    Look this (1) in Retired and you’ll find what you want. 😉

    It’s also written this:

    Group Forums: BuddyPress Forums are retired. Use bbPress.



    Thank you for responding.
    What is confusing is that I have two local installations of WordPress and two local websites.
    In one of the installation’s WordPress Admin I can see Forums panel in Buddypress config, on the other one I cannot.

    Anyway the only reason I wanted to access Forums Panel was to be able to enable Site-wide Forums.

    With no Forums panel how do I do it ?

    on the Forums panel I had two options Forums for group and New! Site Wide Forums.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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