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Forums Should Show on Activity Feeds?

  • jodyw1


    Should bbPress Forum activity show site-wide activity feeds out of the box?

    We got bbPress working site wide. Hashed and handled the cookie login problem and seem, at least, to have everything working properly.

    We made a comment to a forum attached to an individual group and it shows up on the activity feed. Yea!

    But for the global forum, off of our root> /forum, that activity doesn’t show up on the site wide activity feed. Is it supposed to, or is there a bit of coding we need to do to add to that?

    Site is We’re running RC-1.

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  • John James Jacoby


    No it isn’t going to as of yet.

    There is no direct link between a normal forum and BuddyPress. Perhaps the bbGroups plugin could be modified to handle this type of thing, but that’s just handing Burt more implied work to do. ;)

    Good job getting everything synchronized though!



    Yea! It’s not on our end!

    Thanks John. I got it part of the way there, but it took my redheaded wonder of a PHP God to figure the rest of it out. He had to build a password hash table to get it all working right.

    I should add though that we just now found a new problem. Creating a new blog doesn’t show up on the feed, but posting an entry or making a comment on any blog does. It wasn’t doing that before.


    At least the forums are working.



    any status on this?



    can someone explain in “dumb” people talk how site activity works? Does the action send the information to site activity or does the site activity pull from somewhere…

    This be a six month old thread before your post. Here there be dragons. Please start a new thread.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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